Tuesday, September 4, 2007

JFI Rice - RoundUp

Phew!!!! This round-up was quiet challenging and interesting for me. There were about 163 awesome entries. I Thank you all so much for participating and making it so successful. Most of the entries were retrieved from my spam mails. If I have missed any entries, please do let me know. I will add them right away.

Here goes JFI- RICE countdown!!


Set Dosey from Bhaatukli

Avalakki Dosa from Recipe Junction

Idiyappam/Noolpittu from Ammupatti's thoughts

Kanchipuram Idli from One Hot Stove

Vattayappam from Saffron Trail

Appam from Hot N' Sweet Bowl

Aappam from Ammupatti's thoughts

Varum Arashi Adhai from Hunger Pangs

14 Idies from Cooking 4 all Seasons

Arisi Upma from Tasty Palettes

Idli with tricolour chutney from Add Flavour

Puffed Rice upma from Talimpu

Arisi Upma from Spicy Chilly

Idiappam/Rice String Hoppers from Sizzling Kitchen

Atukulu /poha Pulihara from My Veggie World

Rice & green gram uppittu from Sreelu's Tasty Travels

Panaki from My Foodcourt

Steamed Rice Balls/Akki Unde from Cook Spot

Upma Kozhakattai from My Musings

Flat Rice Appam from Priya's Kitchen

Rice Upma from Tastes From My Kitchen

Varattu Upma (Dry Upma) from En Samayal Arai

Biyam Rotti from Cooking 4 all Seasons

Venn Pongal from Purl up and Crochet

Rice flour starter from Live To Cook

Biryani, Pulao and Vegetable Rice Varieties

Carrot Rice from Andhra Chef

Soya biryani from Recipe Junction

Ghee Rice from Spicy Chilly

Mushroom Fried Rice from The Spice Cafe

Vegetable Fried Rice from Kitchen Queen

Vangi Bath from Esculent Cuisine

Qabuli from Spice Corner

Spicy Tomato Mushroom Rice from Lisa's Kitchen

Peas Pulao from Deepa's Kitchen

Mixed Vegetable and Soya Rice from The Budding Cook

Vegetable Biryani from Neivedyam

Veg Pulao from For The Cook In Me

Vegetable Dum Biryani from Zaiqa

Paneer Methi Pulav from Veggie Platter

Kabuli Pulao from The Singing Chef

Carrot Mint Rice from Letzcook

Brown Basmati Biryani from Out Of The Garden

Cherry Tomato Pulao from Try This Recipe

Minimalist Pulao from Kitchen Aromas

Mint Rice from Ruchi

Tomato Pulao from The Singing Chef

Asparagus Rice from My Workshop

Nawabi Pilau from Chachi's Kitchen

Ghee Rice from Cooking 4 all Seasons

Pickle Rice from Vindu

Vegetable Biryani with Cool summer salad from Finger Licking Food

Tomato Rice from Bhaatukli

Flavoured Rice from Rina's Recipes

Kanji & Payar from Mishmash

Hyderabadi Vegetable Dum Biryani from Ammalu's Kitchen

Capsicum Rice from Andhraspicy

Cumin and Onion Rice from Kajal Dreams

Mumbai shtyle Fried rice from A Cook at Heart

Vaangi Bhath from Menu Today

Mango Sprouts Puluv from Vcuisine

Tahari from "From My Palate

Sprouted Methi Bhaat from The Cooker

Vegetable biryani/ Pulav from My Cookbook

Cheesy Vegetable Pulav from RedChillies

Beetroot Pulav from Aruna & Friends

Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulao from Athika's Curry House

Capsicum Rice from Madhoo's Kitchen

Carrot Peas Pulav from World Wide Cooking

Brown basmati rice with dalma from Add Flavour

Gobichi Masala bhath from Add Flavour

Bell Pepper Rice from Daily Musings

Bisi bele bhath from khana Pina

Kuttansadham from Purl up and Crochet

Vegetable Biryani from Cookery Corner

Sapsige Soppina Bhath(Dill Leaves Pulav) from Karnataka Recipes

Mushroom Fried Rice from Purl up and Crochet

Jeera Pakhara from For The Cook In Me

Mint Rice from The Bubbling Cauldron

Eggplant Rice from Seena's World

Carrot Rice from Ambrosia Flavors

Cabbage Rice from Smitaservesyouright

Rice Usili from Inniya Tamil Virunthu

Spinach Bhath from Mysoorean

Bisi Bele Huli Anna from Cooking 4 all Seasons

Potato Pulao from Cooking 4 all Seasons

Tomato Rice Oriya Style from Cooking 4 all Seasons

Vegetable Pulao from Cooking 4 all Seasons

Phodnicha Bhaat from Bhaatukli

Veg-Biryani from Nalapaka

Coriander Rice from Fusion

Yummy Pulao from What's Cooking

Mixed Vegetable Pulao from Fusion


Pulihora from Simply Spicy

Yellorai from Masala Magic

Mango Rice from Vcuisine

Chitranna from Aarti's Corner

Avakaya Rice from The Singing Chef

Mango Rice from Padma's Kitchen

Ulundogare from Nalapaka

Coconut Rice from Nalapaka

Coconut Rice from Vcuisine

Lemon Rice from Aromas of my Food


Brown Rice Khichuri from Bong Mom's Cookbook

Lobia-black beans khichdi from Musical's Kitchen

Moong Dal Khichidi from Adhi Potoba

Starters and Snacks

Paalakaayalu from Veggie Platter

Appey from The Singing Chef

Murukku from Aarti's Corner

Rice Kadubu from Shreez Kitchen

Khatta Vada from My Space

Chegodilu from Snackorama

Sanna Polo from Food For Thought

Jantikalu from Snackorama

Rice Bhajiyas from Fun and Food

Rice flour wada from Talimpu

Taro Rice Balls from The Singing Chef

Rice Poori from Taste Of Mysore

Patrodo from The Singing Chef

Ammini Kozhukattai from Cookery Corner

Biyam Vadiyalu from Cooking 4 all Seasons

International and Non-Vegetarian


Egg Fried Rice from Jugalbandi

Vegan Maki Sushi from Chachi's Kitchen

Egg Fried Rice from Cooking at Pragyan's

Cantonese fried rice from Purl up and Crochet

Tuna, edamame rice porridge with wolfberry from Teczcape -an escape to food


Rositto-the better Risotto from Jugalbandi

Pesto Rice from Lisa's Kitchen

Risotto with Creamy Bell Pepper from What's For Lunch, Honey?

Three Rice Risotto from Sunita's World

Risi e Bisi from Jugalbandi


Indonesian Rempeyek from Foodie's Hope


Mexican rice casserole from Ahaar

Spanish Paella from Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen


Chicken and Rice Casserole from Foodie's Hope

Jambalaya from Crazy curry

Far Eastern

Xoi Nep Than from When my soup came alive


Ribbon Rice from Malabar Ruchi

Mutton Pulav from Indian food my recipe world

Desserts and Puddings

A Rice Pudding from Antiquity, from Jugalbandi

Fragrant Lychees with Wild and Brown “Sticky” Rice from Archana’s Culinary Adventures

Ukdiche Modak from Food-n-more

Purple Rice Payasam from Live To Eat

Vennai Puttu from Amma's Special

Sorakaya Payasam/bottle gourd pudding from Padma's Kitchen

Thai Black Rice Pudding from Jugalbandi

Rice Coconut payasam from Vcuisine

Jaangiri from Snackorama

Homemade Rice Milk (Horchata) from Mahanandi

Phirni / Traditional Indian rice pudding from Cinnamon Hut

Rice Pudding with Peach Sauce from As Dear As Salt

Appam from The Yum blog

Rice Urundai from Inniya Tamil Virunthu

Vella Pidi Kozhukkattai from Menu Today

Rice Gulab Jamun from Icookipost

Dhoodhpaak from My Space

Payesh sans dairy (Vegan Rice Pudding) from The Miller Melting Pot

Sakara pongal(Sweet Jaggered Rice) from Add Flavour

Akkaravadisil from The Yum Blog

Rice Balls with cashew nuts from Simple and Delicious

Palada Payasam from Curry Bazaar

Rice Kesaribath from Cook Spot

Patholi from Past, Present and Me

Venna Undalu from a Non-Blogger - "Vijaya"

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