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Sweet, Savory and Everything in Between

Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated by different cuisines and flavors. When I finally started to cook on my own, I discovered how much joy I get from watching others enjoy my creations. Today, I’m excited to share those delicious and nutritious recipes with you.

From healthy quick bites to an impressive meal for your friends and family, I'm here to give you the skills and confidence to ace each recipe. Browse my site for flavorful inspirations and don’t forget to subscribe to get new ideas straight to your inbox.

NEIVEDYAM means “the sacred Food offered to God”.

It is the food offered to God to express love and gratitude. Neivedyam can be in the form of fruits, sweets, savory, rice, dals, milk, coconuts, beetle leaves and many more. Depends on how one wants to express his love for God. During every Indian festival, Neivedyam is offered at temples and every household in INDIA. It is an important ritual in Hinduism.
It is believed that every God in Hinduism has his own choice of food. For example, Lord Krishna loves to have butter, so on his birthday called the Janmashtami, butter is offered as neivedyam. Every God is offered with their own favorite food as Neivedyam.
Once the offering is done by chanting mantras (sacred prayers), it is believed that God accepts our offering and then we consume the neivedyam in the form of prasadam(Prashad)from the God himself.

Food is not only a mode of expressing our love towards God, it's also used to express love among family, friends and relatives during gatherings, weddings, festivals and occasions. In Sanskrit there is a famous saying called “Athithi Devo Bhava”. This means “guest is like God”. When someone comes home as a guest we should treat them equal to God. So we express our love for them by offering them food. Food is a very important expression of love and gratitude to say "you care".

I wanted a traditional and ethnic name for my blog, which will represent not only food, but also the Indian culture and values in just a word and so was the name "NEIVEDYAM" born. Couldn’t find anything better.

I have always had passion for food and love to entertain my family and friends with different recipes. I try out recipes form all over India and try to keep it simple and easy. I don’t always go for lengthy, time-consuming recipes but when it comes to entertaining guests, I don’t mind taking challenges.
In my blog you will find lot of Indian recipes and Fusion recipes from all over the world. I will be highlighting on the festival foods of India.
So lets get cooking!! .

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