Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tiger Trail- Royal Orchid !

Hotel Royal Orchid has opened a new F&B outlet -Tiger Trail. The restaurant is located at the lawn of the hotel amidst greeneries  serving authentic kebabs and grills across the trail of the Indian sub continent. Few of the star dishes are kokari kebab, Murgh gulnar, Subzi kehkeshan, Yakhani Pulao, Awadi Briyani, Kandhari Naan, Sheermal Taftan and much more.   The Tiger Trail offers an inspiring culinary journey, serving the most sumptuous traditional cuisines in an open-air gazebo which guarantees to highlight your indulgences. Kebabs and Grills from the Northern frontier is grilled to perfection. The Ambiance is very relaxing and romantic!

Veggie Pizza
Chironji Naan/ Ajwani Naan
Shakarkandi Kebab- Sweet potato cubes

Subz Galouti Kebab- Kidney bean patties
Tarana Kebab- Babycorn, Cottage cheese, Broccoli Marinated with spices and cooked in Tandoor!

Stuffed Potatoes
Paneer Kurchan

Veg Biryani

Tiger Trail is located at Royal Orchid Hotel, 1, Golf Arcade, HAL, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Magic of M.A.Road at BBQ Nation!

One of the most famous localities to eat out in India M.A. Road in Mumbai. The center of the unique Muslim cuisine of Mumbai, it attracts people from all over the city no matter where they live. They
come to taste, savor and enjoy dishes that are melt-in-the-mouth delicious. Now Barbecue Nation celebrates this fabulous cuisine with a special festival: the magic of M A Road.

Named after freedom fighter Mohammad Ali Jauhar, today, the area in Mumbai is synonymous with traditional delicacies such as Gurda kaleji, Mutton Khichadi, Black Current Phirnee and many, many more. The street foods of Mohammad Ali Road are steeped in tradition and antiquity, with some of the shops and recipes handed from father to son across generations.

This winter, Barbeque Nation will bring the flavors, sights and the aroma of M.A. Road to Bengaluru. You don’t have to visit Mumbai to taste authentic delicacies.

Chef Praveen 

 Paneer stuffed mushrooms!

Indulge your senses in the ambience, fragrance, sights and sounds of M. A. Road.. Visit any of Barbeque Nation’s to experience of some of the finest traditional Ramadan street food spreads. Signature dishes include classics such as Tandoori Bater Mussallam and Tuck into plate of Zam Zam Pulao. The rustic street flavors in all the dishes from this scrumptious feast are carefully re-created by Barbeque Nation chefs. The highlights of the festival are the live-counters and rehri-carts, where dishes like Seek Kabab served with warm pav; Patthar Ke Kabab -paneer cooked on a Ladi stone; and  Customers can bask in the aroma of marinated, skewered veggies/meat sizzling over hot grills and tawas. They can also sample the piping hot Malpua swimming in hot oil, another traditional sweet from Mohammed Ali Road. The dessert section is packed with beautiful arrays of treats such as Badsah Falooda, Sahi Khaza, Malpua, Aflatoonh that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.
The Feast is on till November 15th !