Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tangra Food festival

JW Kitchen- JW Marriott Bengaluru's all-day dining restaurant is hosting its first ever food festival - the Tangra Food Festival, a culinary fair presenting varied flavors of street Chinese food.

  On behalf of JW Marriott Bengaluru, I was invited for a live cooking demo by Chef Surjan Singh Jolly and experience this food festival on November 1, 2014
Tangra is a region in east Kolkata that traditionally housed a large number of tanneries owned by people of Hakka Chinese origin. "47 South Tangra Road", may be the most confusing postal address, as it used to cover the whole of Chinatown Tangra with over 350 tanneries.
The Hakka Chinese of Calcutta have gradually turned this part of the Kolkata into an important destination for sourcing finished and semi-finished leather.
Food from Tangra is a distinct variety of traditional Hakka Chinese cuisine adapted to Indian ingredients and the Bengali palate. This has spread to the rest of India, along with the recipes earlier unique to Tangra. Tangra is now the most popular destination for Chinese food. Chinese food sold in Tangra restaurants are now known all over the world as 'Hakka Style" Chinese food.

 The food festival started on October 31 is a ten day long food festival aims to recreate a complete experience and showcase the best of Kolkata Chinese street food .
I am a big fan of Chinese food and I was lucky to get some good vegetarian Chinese food though the Tangra cuisine which is less of vegetarian. But catering to Indian adaptions many vegetarian dishes have been included like golden fried baby corn, mushrooms, threaded crispy paneer, vegetarian momo etc.
The master class workshop by  Chef Joly Director F & B and Chef Edwin Lou and his team stirred up some very yummy dishes. Here is a glimpse!

The ‘Tangra Food Festival’ also showcases a special Chinese cocktail menu featuring drinks like the Shandong Mary, Beijing Bellini, Red Lotus and this refreshing drink  Mango Spice Cocktail made of olives, jalapenos, lime and mangoes.

Experience Chef Jolly recreate the magic of Tangra at the Tangra Food Festival at JW Kitchen, Bengaluru.
on till November 9