Friday, November 8, 2013

FoodPanda- Review

My hearty greetings to all viewers. Hope all of you had a wonderful Diwali! After a long break I am back :) not with a recipe but a review!
Life is pretty busy and hectic with two kids as we get to face more challenges while they grow up . Even cooking seems to be a big and difficult task for me.
I came across this website which makes life a easy for many people who don't have the time to cook and it becomes an hassle.  

Foodpanda is a network of smart people who have provided a simple yet smart solution which makes life easy for people while hungry! Through Foodpanda you can order your food online from anywhere. All you have to do is go to this site foodpanda,   Enter your city, area or street, Select the restaurant here from where you want to order your food in your vicinity, you can see the menu and price of the food too.Select pay online or cash on delivery and your food is on its way to your home! Life is so simple isn't it!! This way you can even explore what restaurant you have in your area! You can take all the time in the world, customize your order to your preference and eat till your tummy is happy !!

Foodpanda has its network worldwide so wherever you travel one need not worry on which restaurant to go and what to eat.  The restaurant index also includes address and delivery hours.
 They also have nice discounts and offers like movie vouchers etc. Whether you’retired eating your own cooked food, can’t stop watching the cricket match ball-to-ball, simply fed up of standing in line for service, dealing with grumpy waiters, Can't get out of office meetings, having a party at home, FoodPanda has a solution for every one of you !!

For the busy life we have in a IT hub like Bangalore where life is busy 24/7, I very much recommend such innovative ideas.  So this weekend is going to be something delicious delivered to my home by this panda :) This Panda loves spreading joy and happiness, leaving smiles on people’s faces and celebrating food. Happy Eating !!