Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trader Vic's Restaurant Review

Trader Vic’s is a family of restaurants, united by our four cornerstones: Decor, Food, Drinks, and Service. Its located in Phoenix mall, Whitefield, Bangalore. We food bloggers were invited for a Bloggers's round table.

Their  menu showcases the best of cuisines from around the world including Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, and Californian. They strive for authentic preparations and every Trader Vic’s location features world-famous Chinese wood-fired oven.

About the Trader!

Victor J. "Trader Vic" Bergeron packed more excitement, enjoyment and exotica into his 82 years than any other man. Victor Bergeron first began mixing drinks in 1934 in his Oakland saloon called Hinky Dinks, he embarked on his first South Seas adventure and completely immersed himself in island living and culture.

In 1936 Victor Bergeron became popularly known as Trader Vic. He transformed Hinky Dinks from a saloon into a tropical retreat with artifacts he collected on his extensive travels. The Trader then began to put into practice his research on rums and served simmering plates of Island-style cuisine and quickly became the first fusion restaurant concept.

The Decor and ambiance is awesome with lots and lots of Tiki sculptures all around us which gives a tropical environment feeling. These Tikis are from Hawaii.

Tiki artwork, sculptures, and the totem-pole style carvings are from all over the Pacific and Pacific Rim - island nations, native cultures, and rare tribes express their connection with magic, gods, and forces of nature. You'll see different styles of Tiki art and sculpture, depending on it's origin.Our tikis are hand carved from coco palms with attention to detail. Turn your home and business into a tropical paradise with our tikis.

I loved this outdoor decor which is a very nice place to hangout with friends!

Trader Vic’s today is famous for this custom-made wood-fired Chinese Oven which can be traced back over two thousand years to the Han Dynasty. Each new restaurant has a room dedicated to these special hand-made ovens. This ancient method of cooking is today being recommended by the American Heart Association.

Today, Trader Vic’s restaurants across the globe seamlessly integrate the treasured traditions of the heady first days with inventive and contemporary cuisine and cocktails, a formula for success that the Trader himself would be proud of. Take the tropical plunge and become a part of the rich and timeless history of Trader Vic’s.

Food- I was not disappointed being a vegan. We started with soups like Tom Kha Veg and Tonga Corn Bisque !

This is a starter with dip!

Trader Vic's Summer Roll taster very light and refreshing

Coral Reef  a tropical drink in every way!

Smoked Tofu Bowl is a hot and sweet veggie mix with steamed rice!

Indonesian Veg Satay with corn patties!

 Veg Fried Rice tasted awesome. It was cooked to perfection!

These are some mock tails like Soft Mojito, Mango Virgin Daiquiri, Peach tree Punch, Flamingo! Lovely right!

Chocolate Vic's Snowball for my daughter:)

Rum top dessert did not have anything much to do with rum, believe me:)

Chocolate Nut Tiki was awesome with lots of roasted walnuts and a dollop of ice cream!

The overall experience was good and quite different from the usual! Its a good place to hangout with family or friends if you are in a party mood! There is a tropical touch to every thing here! The Price for two person would be around Rs 1500 to 2000 plus tax.

DISCLAIMER: All the views in this post are my own and done by tasting the product. This is not a paid review

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